China Gear Rack for Engraving Machine with ce certificate top quality Good price

Solution Description

Gear Rack For Engraving CZPT
M1-M12 are CZPT
&period5M-2M size for your choice
Unique Rack Gear can be make also

We can provide higher high quality Straight enamel engraving equipment equipment rack with competitive price&time period Our organization&comma geared up with a CNC triaxial program of FANUC and a precision rack creation line composed of skilled equipment cutters and standard equipment tools&comma creates metric M1-M8 racks&comma CP and DP British method racks&time period The maximum size of the rack that can be processed at one particular time is 2 m&time period As 1 of the huge rack makers in CZPT &comma we put into action a strict high quality control method&comma undertake projectors&comma hardness testers&comma coating thickness gauges and many other measuring instruments and inspection equipment during generation&comma and create high top quality goods with several several years of experience and experience&interval And CZPT merchandise have been widely utilized in several fields this sort of as automatic doors&comma window openers&comma engraving machines&comma lifters&comma escalators&comma automated warehousing&comma foods machinery&comma CZPT tools&comma machine resources&comma precision transmission&comma and so forth&period What is actually a lot more&comma we have entered good partnerships with a quantity of worldwide &lparEuropean and CZPT ican&rpar well-identified makers and CZPT products are bought not only throughout CZPT but also to CZPT Asia such as Malaysia&comma Thailand&comma and Singapore&comma and CZPT pe and CZPT ica this sort of as CZPT &comma Germany&comma Greece&comma Poland&comma and the Netherlands&comma South CZPT ica&comma etc&period of time

Length X Width X Height &lparMM&rpar
M1 15X15X1000  
M1&period5 17X17X1000  
M2 20X20X1000  
M2&period5 25X25X1000  
M3 30X30X1000  
M4 40X40X1000  
M5 50X50X1000  
M6 60X60X1000  
M8 80X80X1000  

There are many sorts of gears, and the most common classification method is by equipment shaft. Usually, there are 3 sorts of the parallel axis, cross-axis, and staggered axis. 1) Parallel shaft gears: like spur gears, helical gears, internal gears, racks, and helical racks, and many others. 2) Cross shaft gears: straight bevel gears, spiral bevel gears, zero-diploma bevel gears, and many others. 3) Staggered shaft gears: There are staggered shaft helical gears, worm gears, hypoid gears, and many others.
China Gear Rack for Engraving Machine with ce certificate top quality Good price