China Steel Gear Rack for Construction Machinery with ce certificate top quality Good price

Product Description

Our equipment rack is widely utilized on building equipment as lifting equipment rack&period of time We will supply the equipment rack as per your ask for&period of time

Our gear rack is made as per DIN regular&period
The strain angle&colon 20° &sol14&period5°
The greatest length can be 2500mm
The material can be Q235&comma C45&comma SS304&comma SS316L&comma aluminium&comma copper and so on&time period
Make sure you feel totally free to let us know your depth enquiry and we will produce as for every your ask for&time period
Equipment Rack sort
Size X Width X Height &lparMM&rpar
Material A3 forty five&num and stainless metal
five hundred~2000 X10X15
five hundred~2000 X8X20 Z 636
five hundred~2000 X15X20 1&period5 Z 424
five hundred~2000 X20X25 2 Z 318
500~2000 X20X30
500~2000 X25X30 2&period5 Z 254
500~2000 X35X40 3 Z 212
500~2000 X40X45 4 Z 159
500~2000 X45X50 5 Z 127
500~2000 X60X65 6 Z 106
five hundred~2000 X60X70 7 Z ninety one
five hundred~2000 X80X85 8 Z eighty
500~2000 X90X100 10 Z 64

Length X Width X Peak &lparMM&rpar
M1 15X15X1000  
M1&period5 17X17X1000  
M2 20X20X1000  
M2&period5 25X25X1000  
M3 30X30X1000  
M4 40X40X1000  
M5 50X50X1000  
M6 60X60X1000  
M8 80X80X1000  

Much more than 20 many years CZPT d technology and encounter of us will give powerful help for the gear rack you need&period We will recognize your need of product swiftly&comma and give rapid answer and great service&time period A great deal of cases of CZPT products will present you that it value your CZPT &period of time
Underneath the entire good quality control technique&comma CZPT merchandise go through the exact solution line and stringent screening process&period of time We have excellent working stream and regular to make certain balance&comma items trustworthy ample for making use of&interval
Just take CZPT scale economic climate&comma uncooked content superiority&comma and sincerity for consumers to account&comma CZPT price do have a excellent competitiveness&period They are very good price and price successful than your think about&time period
We sincerely hope establishing CZPT and friendly business relations with consumers from all above the entire world&period Our goal is not just offering solution&comma but also providing a complete solution which includes merchandise layout&comma tooling&comma fabrication and service for CZPT CZPT ers to attain their upmost gratification&period

M1 10x10x1000 10x15x1000 M1 15x15x250 15x15x500 M3 30x30x250 30x30x500 M5 50x50x250 50x50x500
M1&period5 15x15x1000 15x20x1000 M1 15x15x1000 15x15x2000 M3 30x30x1000 30x30x2000 M5 50x50x1000 50x50x2000
M2 20x20x1000 20x25x1000 M1&period5 17x17x250 17x17x500     M6 60x60x250 60x60x500
M2&period5 25x25x1000 25x30x1000 M1&period5 17x17x1000 17x17x2000 M4 22x22x250 22x22x500 M6 60x60x1000 60x60x2000
M3 30x30x1000 30x35x1000 M2 20x20x250 20x20x500 M4 22x22x1000 22x22x2000 M8 80x80x250 80x80x500
M4 40x40x1000 40x45x1000 M2 20x20x1000 20x20x2000 M4 30x30x250 30x30x500 M8 80x80x1000 80x80x2000
M5 50x50x1000 50x55x1000 M2&period5 25x25x250 25x25x500 M4 30x30x1000 30x30x2000 M10 100x100x250 100x100x500
M6 60x60x1000 60x65x1000 M2&period5 25x25x1000 25x25x2000 M4 40x40x250 40x40x500 M10 100x100x1000 100x100x2000
M8 80x80x1000     M4 40x40x1000 40x40x2000    

The tooth floor hardness, it is divided into soft tooth floor equipment transmission and challenging tooth surface area gear transmission. When the tooth surface area hardness of the two wheels (or one of them) is much less than or equivalent to 350HBW, it is named soft tooth area transmission when the tooth area hardness of the two wheels is >350HBW, it is called tough tooth surface area transmission. Gentle-tooth surface equipment transmission is often utilized for basic minimal-pace gear transmission that does not demand substantial precision, and tough-toothed floor gear transmission is typically employed for gear transmission that needs robust bearing ability and compact composition.
China Steel Gear Rack for Construction Machinery with ce certificate top quality Good price