China Totem OEM Large Tooth Alloy Gear Segment, Gear Wheel with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

Item Description

Gear Phase Processing
Rack equipment Examine, Make casting Mold, casting Mould Quality Inspection Check out, CZPT Processing, Verify SizeHardnessSurface Finish and other technical parameters on drawing. 
Arc Gear Phase Package deal
Spray anti-rust oil on Equipment rack, Wrap water-resistant fabric close to , Prepare package by shaft condition & weight to select metal body, steel support or wooden box and many others.
OEM CZPT ized Large Module Section Equipment
We provide CZPT Provider, CZPT ized gear with big module, far more than 1tons big fat, 42CrMo/45 steel or your specified needed substance gear rack. 

Detailed Pictures

Solution Parameters

Module m Selection: 5~70
Equipment Teeth Number z OEM/Tailored
Enamel Top H OEM/Custom-made
Teeth Thickness S OEM/Personalized
Tooth pitch P OEM/Personalized
Tooth addendum Ha OEM/Customized
Tooth dedendum Hf OEM/Tailored
Functioning peak h’ OEM/Customized
Base clearance C OEM/Custom-made
Pressure CZPT le α OEM/Custom-made
Helix CZPT le,    OEM/Customized
Area hardness HRC Selection: HRC 50~HRC63(Quenching)
Hardness: HB Range: HB150~HB280 Hardening Tempering/ Hardened Tooth Surface 
Tooth Floor Remedy   Sprucing
Processing Tolerance    
Surface end   Variety: Ra1.6~Ra3.two
Tooth area roughness Ra Range: ≥0.4
Gear Precision Quality   Grade Assortment: 5-6-7-8-9 (ISO 1328)
Diameter d Range: >1m
Fat Kg Range: >100kg/ Solitary Piece
Toothed Part Condition   Arc, segment,rack
Casting Substance   Casting 42CrMo/45# metal or Customized
Equipment Tooth Milling  
Equipment Enamel Grinding  
Casting Technique   Sand casting
Casting Mildew Material   Sand Mould
Casting Mold Making use of Time   Disposable
Warmth Treatment method   Quenching /Carburizing
Sand Blasting   Null
Screening   UTMT
Trademark   TOTEM/OEM
Transportation Package deal   Export bundle (steel body, picket box, and many others.)
Origin   China
HS Code   8483409000

TOTEM Provider

TOTEM CZPT ry all the time works to source Gear SHAFT, ECCENTRIC SHAFT, HERRINGBONE Gear, BEVEL Equipment, Internal Gear and other areas for transmission device & equipment (large industrial reducer & driver). Which mostly use to industrial equipment on fields of port services, cement, mining, metallurgical market and so on. 
TOTEM CZPT ry invests and gets to be shareholders of numerous device processing factories, forging factories, casting factories, relies on these powerful reliable and substantial-top quality suppliers’ community, to permit CZPT ers worry-free of charge buy.  

TOTEM Philosophy: Top quality-No.1, Integrity- No.1, Service- No.1 

24hrs Salesman on-line, ensure swift and constructive opinions. Knowledgeable and Professional Forwarder Ensure Log. transportation.

About CZPT

1. Workshop & Processing CZPT

two. Testing Amenities

3. CZPT er Inspection & Shipping

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What is actually CZPT merchandise processing development?
Drawing Examine, Make Forging/Casting Mold, Forging/Casting Mold High quality Inspection Check, CZPT Processing, Check out SizeHardnessSurface Finish and other technical parameters on drawing. 

How about CZPT ‘s export deal?
Spray anti-rust oil on Herringbone Equipment rack, Wrap watertight cloth about Equipment Shaft for reducer, Prepare bundle by gear section form&fat to decide on steel frame, metal support or picket box and so on.

Could I customize geargear shaft on CZPT ?
We supply CZPT ized Gear Shaft,Eccentric Shaft,Herringbone Equipment,Internal Gear,Bevel Gear with large module, more than 1tons massive excess weight, much more than 3m size, forging or casting 42CrMo/35CrMo or your specified necessary substance. 

Why can I choose CZPT ?
TOTEM has 24hrs Salesman on-line, promise rapid and positive comments.
TOTEM CZPT ry invests and turns into shareholders of many machine processing factories, forging factories, casting factories, relies on these powerful trustworthy and large-top quality supplier’s community, to enable CZPT ers worry-totally free obtain.
Experienced and Expert Forwarder Promise Log. transportation.

Before we talked about that when two gears mesh, the scaled-down one is referred to as the pinion. A rack is a straight bar with gear enamel that meshes with the pinion. So you can probably imagine how rack and pinion gears are used to transform rotation into linear motion. A ideal case in point of this is the steering program on many autos. The steering wheel rotates a gear, which engages the rack. As the equipment turns, it slides the rack either to the right or remaining, relying on which way you switch the wheel.
China Totem OEM Large Tooth Alloy Gear Segment, Gear Wheel with ce certificate top quality Good price